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Enhance your business and typify the future of hospitality

With a view to revamp the processes involved in managing and running restaurant chains, we at Torqus have relentlessly endeavoured to use our knowledge and expertise to come up with the best solutions to all your problems. Thanks to our rapport with technology, we have a unique, tech savvy answer to every challenge that the hoteliering industry faces today.

The sophistication with which POS, HO – CS, and SCM have been designed to be the backbone of restaurant chains is something that will manage to look after all your business problems. We also take pride in offering you some additional modules to enhance your business that will assist you in typifying the future of hospitality:

Proactively addressing your customers’ doubts, complaints, and feedback is of utmost importance if you wish your restaurant to be known as the one that values its guests. However, it is not always possible to do the same, unless you have a dedicated resource.

We, at Torqus, offer to you our call center integration module to alleviate these problems. Using our call center ordering application, you can now set up your own call center. This module allows you to better organised your reputation management strategy. You can hire trained call center professionals to interact with your customers, thus ensuring your telephonic presence whenever a potential customer wants to get in touch with you.

Apart from this, the call center integration module also centralizes the process of placing orders at every outlet. This module makes it possible to get real time status update of every order that has been placed. As a result of its properties, it lets you better understand the ordering habits of your customers and eventually create their profile. With such valuable data, you can then make changes to your services and offerings in accordance to the same.

With the booming recent trend of ordering food online using various online ordering portals, the hospitality industry has been transformed into a digital entity. These sites provide users with great discounts and ensure timely delivery, apart from taking customer feedback very seriously.

But what if as a restaurateur you could manage this on your own too? It would definitely lower the costs you accrue by paying a 3rd party for customer acquisition. Torqus brings to you its online ordering site and apps module which has been created to jump start this venture. The module allows you to setup your own online ordering site in a few simple steps. You can also create an app, thus making the customers’ task even simpler.

In addition to this, you can also connect your online ordering site as well as the app to your call centre and POS outlets. The former would facilitate human interaction to address customer queries in case of any confusion. The latter would keep an account of all the orders placed automatically, without the manager/steward having to enter the details of the same to the system again. From the customers’ perspective, the effort of ordering food is minimal since he/she is not required to share contact details each time.

Keeping a tab on the functioning and performance of your business at all points of time is extremely essential, especially when away. Let travel not be a reason for you to receive delayed reports of how well your restaurant fared.

The Universal Notifications App Module is miraculous for those who wish to be updated about the happenings in their restaurant outlets in their absence. Providing users with a bird’s eye view of their business on the go, this module has redefined reporting. By delivering accurate, minute-by-minute account of sales, accounts, and inventory, it serves to take hoteliering to another level.

The updates are received in the form of an email for users of POS and HO – CS software through the Universal Notifications App Feature. It is also possible for you to sync the same on your Android phone in order to receive notifications in the form of text messages. Exclusively for users of HO – CS, there is an option of downloading an app that notifies you directly.

In addition to this, it is also possible for you to determine the time at which you would like to receive these updates. Exception reporting, i.e. notifications about discounts given, dishes cancelled, KOTs cancelled, amount refunded, critical stocks, change in recipes, processes, contract process fixed with suppliers, VIP footfalls, etc. is also possible through this feature.

Contrary to popular belief, acquiring new customers is not the biggest challenge while running a business. In actuality, it is retention of those customers who have at any given point in time willingly associated themselves with your brand name. Such customers ought to be valued and retained.

With our 3rd party loyalty apps and programs module, it is now possible for you to exhibit hospitality in its best form. This module, with its inbuilt Customer Relationship Management system, allows you to take a step further in caring for your customers. It lets you understand their behaviors and analyse their ordering patterns, preferences, as well as frequency. You can thus create a profile of your customers based on empirical data provided by this module and accordingly make changes to your offerings and services to please them.

What more? This module also provides you with the ability to setup and manage your promo code campaigns with ease. On the basis of the ordering history of your customers, you can select them and offer them with customized promo codes and messages. These must be shared via trusted SMS providers to ensure there is no information leakage.

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