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Enhance your business and typify the future of hospitality

With a view to revamp the processes involved in managing and running restaurant chains, we at Torqus have relentlessly endeavoured to use our knowledge and expertise to come up with the best solutions to all your problems. Thanks to our rapport with technology, we have a unique, tech savvy answer to every challenge that the hoteliering industry faces today.

The sophistication with which POS, HO – CS, and SCM have been designed to be the backbone of restaurant chains is something that will manage to look after all your business problems. We also take pride in offering you some additional modules to enhance your business that will assist you in typifying the future of hospitality:

Restaurant Loyalty and CRM Program

Contrary to popular belief, acquiring new customers is not the biggest challenge while running a business.In actuality, it is retention of those customers who have at any given point in time willingly associated themselves with your brand name. Such customers ought to be valued and retained.

With our in-built Loyalty and CRM Programs module, it is now possible for you to exhibit hospitality in its best form.This module, with its inbuilt Customer Relationship Management system, allows you to take a step further in caring for your customers. It lets you understand their behaviour and analyse their ordering patterns, preferences, as well as frequency. You can thus create a profile of your customers based on empirical data provided by this module and accordingly make changes to your offerings and services to please them.

What more? This module also provides you with the ability to setup and manage your promo code campaigns with ease. On the basis of the ordering history of your customers, you can select them and offer them with customized promo codes and messages.

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