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  • Restaurant Point Of Sale
  • software takes comprehensive care of all the front-end activities. It not only helps streamlining the billing process, but also enables evaluation and analysis of every branch by generating numerous reports.

Created to revolutionize restaurant management, our Restaurant Point of Sale software takes comprehensive care of all the front-end activities. It not only helps streamlining the billing process, but also enables evaluation and analysis of every branch by generating numerous reports.

With cut-throat competition in the hospitality industry today, being held back due to trivial problems can be nightmarish and can have a lasting impact on the business. Traditional methods of accounting for every transaction that is made in the process of running an outlet can be cumbersome; leave alone checking for any theft/loss of items in the outlet or sorting out tax issues.

All your point of sale need at one place
  • Easy UI/UX
  • Centralize solution for your outlet to handle
  • Customer Profiling
  • Connect your online website to our POS
  • Android Based KOT App
  • Miraculous for those who wish to be updated
  • Role based access control
  • Third party loyalty program integration and apps
  • Cashbook Accounting
  • Centralize solution for your outlet to handle
  • Configurations
  • Connect your online website to our POS
  • Notifications App
  • Miraculous for those who wish to be updated
  • Reservations and Waiting App
  • Third party loyalty program integration and apps
  • Feedback App
  • Centralize solution for your outlet to handle
  • Reports
  • Connect your online website to our POS
  • Online Ordering Portals Integration
  • Miraculous for those who wish to be updated

A restaurant, like any other organisation, follows a hierarchy of administration. On one hand, certain information must be restricted to those concerned, and on the other hand, maintaining transparency with respect to numerous processes is of utmost importance.

Torqus Restaurant POS integrates one of the most advanced security technologies clubbed with innovative programming to provide you with smart user access. It allows you to selectively restrict and grant access to your workforce, from stewards to managers to co-owners. Apart from this, it is also possible to customize the configuration of every button as per the needs of the user.

In addition to this, Torqus also lets you control access to reports and other important account and tax settings, profit and loss sheets, etc. Thus, it aims to alleviate problems concerned with theft, information leakage, technological mishaps, miscommunication, privacy violation, and the like. As a result, Torqus lets you concentrate solely on expanding your business whilst streamlining the front-end activities of your outlets.

A ledger for keeping track of every single transaction you make, the Cashbook Accounting feature of the Torqus software serves to streamline the tiresome process of petty cash management. Designed by keeping non-accountants in mind, it is characteristic of friendly user screens and simple accounting terminology.

By digitizing one of the most cumbersome processes of running a restaurant chain, petty cash management, it is possible to alleviate problems related to theft and repetition of accounting for cash. Thus, it not only helps your accounting be as accurate as possible, but also combats issues prone to manual accounting.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, The Restaurant Cashbook Accounting feature of Torqus lets you integrate this record with overall expenses of the outlet. You can thus set a budget, estimate costs, and track every spend. You can also enter your payable bills and post them into the cashbook with ease.

The Torqus Restaurant Cashbook Accounting Feature also runs efficiently with multiple concurrent users. It lets you create timesheets and organize expense entry, thereby linking the same to invoicing. POS thus makes it possible to multiply the efficacy and the calibre of your restaurant.

One of the main reasons why technology is considered to be a boon is the ease with which it can be adapted to. Making everyday tasks simpler and gratifying us with time in hand to make further productive use of it is something technology is characteristic of.

Designed with sophistication and technological brilliance, the POS software epitomises the aforementioned. Arranging the POS software to your system is a one-time affair. It can be configured across devices with its core features such as easy UI/UX interface, access control, customer profiling, etc. remaining intact.

Configurations Feature also lets you plan your routine or set your backup schedule by setting up mails for daily sales reporting. It also looks after the sending of SMSs related to home delivery, promotions, and discounts. Apart from this, the POS software is in conjunction with your food, liquor, and service taxes, leaving behind no scope for slippage or fast approaching deadlines. It is also cleverly configured with all the printers in use, be it in the kitchen, bar counter, and/or cash counter, thus ensuring standardization and customization.

This feature is extremely crucial for the better functioning of your outlet. It promises to bring the management of your restaurant closest to perfection.

Customer Relationship Management, one of the most crucial practices in the hospitality industry today, refers to engaging and building relations with your customers and prospects with a view to retain and value them.

Customer profiling is a method to create a portrait of your customers and accordingly make decisions related to your offerings and services for the betterment of your restaurant. Although creating a customer profile manually may seem like an elephantine task, Torqus POS software does it all for you in no time.

The POS software Restaurant CRM not only allows you to know your customer thoroughly, but also enables you to make customer centered decisions which are backed by empirical data. It thus adds momentum to your business by actively seeking what appeals to your customers on one hand, and bringing to your notice the areas you need to work on, on the other.

Once obtaining the personal information of the customers, it is possible to contact them with this dis-positional tool. This information helps your outlet to better focus on the customers, send customized offers, address them on first name basis, provide products and services that have been previously ordered, spare them the effort of repeating the same information, etc. Thus, it would reduce costs and generate loyalty among-est your customers at the same time.

Many restaurants in the industry have faced doomsday; stagnation and beyond a point, being shut down. One of the main reasons for their businesses to go downhill is not paying enough attention to customer feedback.

As a management tool, feedback is probably the best, most powerful, easy to use, and the cheapest tool that is available. Feedback compels you to perform better since it gives you an idea about what is not working very well for your restaurant. The Restaurant Feedback App Feature in POS software lets you carry smoothly the process of knowing what your customers think of you and further scope of improvement.

The Restaurant Feedback App Feature of POS makes it possible to configure questionnaires as per your need and the customers’ convenience. Through a simple questionnaire, survey, multiple-choice or a “Yes or No”, it is possible to gain valuable consumer insights, which can eventually be used for improvement and enrichment

Performance feedback can make or break your business. When positive, it can serve to motivate and energize you to outperform yourself. On the other hand, when negative, it encourages you to analyse the functioning of your restaurant and tackle the hurdles as expressed by your customers.

One of the most crucial stages of serving your guests is to take their orders correctly. It is considered to be the starting point of the customer’s evaluation of your services. It is also the most fundamental step in the process of serving the right food to the right customer. It is amazing how technology can revolutionize the simplest yet critical practices of hoteliering, and the KOT app is a remarkable example of the same. The pad or the paper on which the steward notes down the customer order is referred to as the Kitchen Order Token/Ticket. Usually needed to be printed as duplicates (or triplicates in some cases), traditional KOT methods serve to create chaos, increase miscommunication, consume more time, and are more prone to manual mistakes.

The Restaurant KOT App feature of the POS software alleviates your outlet of all these hurdles for better performance. By digitizing the entire process, it not only simplifies ordering by dish imaging and dish coding, but also increases the efficiency of your staff. Tremendously user friendly, it can be easily managed without training. In addition to this, it reduces manpower on the floor.

The Restaurant POS software thus saves you time in terms of going through the tedious cycle of rushing to the kitchen for placing orders, bill counters for generating and settling bills (especially during peak hours), thereby letting your customers enjoy an exceptional dining experience.

It is essential to keep a track of your business at all points of time, even when away. Let travel not be a reason for you to receive delayed reports of how well your restaurant fared on that particular day.

The Restaurant POS Notifications App Feature is miraculous for those who wish to keep a tab on the functioning of their restaurant outlets in their absence. Providing users with a Bird’s Eye view of their business on the go, this feature has redefined reporting. By providing accurate, minute-by-minute account of sales and inventory in the form of a notification, the POS Notifications App Feature serves to take hoteliering to another level.

In addition to this, it is also possible for you to determine the time at which you would like to receive these updates in the form of notifications on your phone. Exception reporting, i.e. SMS notifications about discounts given, dishes cancelled, KOTs cancelled, amount refunded, VIP footfalls, etc. is also possible through this feature.

POS thus lets you be just as involved in your business virtually as you would be in person, on-the-fly, only with its Notifications App Feature of Restaurant.

One of the recent developments in the hoteliering industry today that has revolutionized the process of taking and delivering orders is that of placing orders online. It not only enables the customers to make an informed choice about the spread with the respective pricing that the restaurant has to offer but also provides exciting discounts.

Designed to suit all your needs that arise with advancement in technology, our POS software Software for Restaurant is the ideal solution to specific issues related to online ordering your outlets face. Torqus has integrations with all leading online ordering providers which makes it stand out. Thus, the orders received through various online ordering portals are added directly to the POS of your outlet.

This feature is extremely beneficial since it saves cashiers the time they would otherwise consume to do the entry again into the system. In addition to this, the online ordering sites can also get the updated menu at all points in time due to their integration with POS. Therefore, any changes you make to the menu at an outlet level on POS, the same gets reflected on all sites directly.

Apart from this, these sites can also have a real-time view if the placed order has been received by the POS software of that particular restaurant and also if the restaurant can take orders or not.

With data being constantly fed into the system, organising it and making sense of it becomes of utmost importance. The sole purpose of adapting to sophisticated technology is to achieve higher goals, draw comparisons, and make specific changes.

The Restaurant Reports Feature of POS Software allows you to make over 50 reports, all of which are just a click away. Some of the reports that can be extracted are
1. Daily sales reports
2. Rush/Delhi hour sales reports
3. Inventory reports
4. Home delivery reports
5. Take away reports
6. Section wise report
7. Item wise sales reports
8. Income expense reports
9. Total Comparison
10. Total Summary
11. Growth Comparison
12. Payments
13. Product Name Exception and many more!

Reporting is thus a tangible measure of the progress of your business. With POS, it is possible to access these reports on the go. You can also limit or grant access to these reports of certain members of your team.

Reports Feature of the POS software for Restaurant is one of the most crucial of all. It combats reporting issues prone to a manual approach. By digitizing the reporting process, the reports can automatically be regarded as more empirical, valid, and reliable.

Most restaurant chains are buzzing with people throughout the week. When such chaotic situations arise, the last thing you would want to do is drive potential customers away by making them wait for too long. The Reservations and Waiting App Feature of POS software is ideal for managing queues as well as ensuring the status of running tables in the restaurant.

The POS software is perfect for restaurant table and guest management. It lets you create a virtual map of all the tables in the house. By visually tying tables to servers, determining the current status of any table, be it in terms of vacancy or whether the order has been taken, delivered and billed.

The Reservations and Waiting App dismisses the use of registers and waiting lists. It enables you to track waiting guests’ statistics, including the total number of guests waiting, average wait time, etc. In addition to this, POS also makes it possible to track future reservations by bringing to light concerns like reservation list time interval and the number of reservations that should be allowed at any given point of time.

Thus it is now possible to retain old customers and acquire new ones by organizing the reservations and waiting lists.

Installing a technologically sophisticated software at your disposal to simplify the everyday happenings of an outlet is of no use unless it comes in handy to the user. The easier the user interface, the quicker he/she will adapt to its functions.

This is exactly what we, at Torqus, aimed for while designing the POS software. The ease with which users can operate this billing interface is one of our strongest unique selling propositions. With absolutely no training required, it is possible to completely understand the functioning of this software whilst increasing cost effectiveness and efficiency.

In addition to this, the POS billing software can be operated by using a mouse, on touch, and/or keyboard. It thus gives you the liberty to choose the hardware that best suits your needs whilst smoothly making transitions between devices. Not to mention, the visuals are appealing and easy to follow.

Our UI and UX design ensures that the user intuitively and easily reaches the goal on interacting with the software. We give utmost importance to user feedback and prioritize refinement of the interface in accordance with the same.

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