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  • Supply Chain Management
  • software that enable you to strategically co-ordinate all your business functions, ranging from procurement and manufacturing to sale estimation and invoices.

Making a restaurant chain run is an extremely challenging task. The numbers of processes involved are probably unimaginable by a lay person. Some common yet grave problem face by restaurateurs that often require in-depth analysis to be solved are volatile customer demand and increasing complexity of supply networks. What if there was a tool that managed the backend activities of your restaurants chain while all you had to do was click?

Restaurant Supply chain Management can be defined as an active management system which lets your innovate strategies to maximize customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. It is software that lets you manage your entire network in real-time. It also lets you manage your operations at a single/multiple central kitchen level, warehouse, or store.

The SCM software for Restaurant helps you leverage dynamic information and analysis, making possible meeting with heightened expectations for responsiveness, and facilitate cohesion across all the department and companies. It is not only responsible for logistics of the entire process, but also keeps a tab on wastage and the yield of products.

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A restaurant, like any other organisation, follows a hierarchy of administration. On one hand, certain information must be restricted to those concerned, and on the other hand, maintaining transparency with respect to numerous processes is of utmost importance. Security concerns become amplified when one becomes accountable for multiple outlets.

The Restaurant SCM Software integrates one of the most advanced security technologies clubbed with innovative networking capabilities to offer smart user access. By providing you with a virtual controller for your restaurant chain, it allows you to selectively restrict and grant access to your workforce depending on their role and designation, from stewards to managers to co-owners. Apart from this, it is also possible to customise the configuration of every button as per the needs of the user.

In addition to this, SCM Software for Restaurant also lets you control access to reports and other important account and tax settings, profit and loss sheets, etc. Thus, it aims to alleviate problems concerned with theft, information leakage, technological mishaps, miscommunication, privacy violation, and the like. As a result, SCM lets you concentrate solely on expanding your business whilst streamlining the backend activities of your restaurant chain.

The caretaker and manager of all the backend activities of your restaurant franchise, Supply Chain Managment software for Restaurant aims at automatizing the daily hassle prone processes that are involved in running your business.

It can be tedious for outlet managers to decide the quantity of requirements for the next day on an everyday basis. SCM, with centralised ordering system as one of its features, is programmed in such a way that it can scale the probable daily requirements specific to every outlet and accordingly decide what should be optimal. In order to calculate the item quantity to be sent, SCM takes into account the offerings on the menu that have been sold over a certain defined period of time.

With the centralised ordering feature of SCM, it is thus possible to manage the optimum level of inventory of every single outlet in your restaurant chain. It lets you solve the problems related to wastage due to over ordering, as well as those associated with customer dissatisfaction due to under ordering (out of stock dishes).

One of the biggest advantages of automating any process is that it removes dependency on human power. Thus, pitfalls can be avoided. In addition to this, the algorithm is constantly being improved by us, at Torqus, to factor in as much data as possible to simplify complex processes for you.

With data being regularly fed into the system, organizing it and making sense of it becomes highly important. The main purpose of adapting to sophisticated technology is to achieve higher goals, draw comparisons, and make specific changes whilst not being caught up creating reports manually which are more prone to error.

Some of the most important reports that are essential to determine the performance of your restaurant chain are those related to daily sales, rush hour sales, inventory, item wise sales, growth, home delivery, take away, income expense, etc. These reports of each outlet are held against the same of another outlet to gauge how well one is faring from the other.

What SCM Software lets you do is make editions to these reports and add minor details to each for better clarity. This includes dragging and dropping headers such as item, price, date, outlet, etc. It makes live connection possible between sales and inventory. There is also an option of runtime reporting on mobile application, email, or SMS. In addition to this, there are also business consultants to guide you.

SCM Software for Restaurants thus is a boon for those who wish to customize reports while evaluation. This feature also makes it easier for management to segregate the outlets that are not performing as well as the others and further take a granular approach to analyse the problems and carve out solutions.

One of the most common challenges of managing the supply chain for restaurant franchises is that of having an extensive inventory. Keeping a tab manually on the current status of every single component part of the inventory is erroneous and next to impossible.

The Supply Chain Management Software for Restaurant Inventory and Logistics Feature cleverly organises all your inventory data and provides details of stored goods, various forms of wastage, as well as floating inventory. This SCM feature also gives you pointers on how your inventory should be optimised, thus simplifying the process for your convenience.

Another advantage of this feature is reporting of exceptions. It enables you to get an idea of the quantity of goods yet to be received from a particular vendor, internal or external. Such reports can be generated for all the goods procured at outlet and/or vendor levels. In addition to this, the SCM Inventory feature also makes it possible to check stocks at multiple levels - region, city, area, specific outlet. This can be done by various ways, i.e. stock closing and stock take (daily, monthly and/or weekly).

In order to understand the SCM Logistics feature, the various stages of stock need to be distinguished from one another. They can be labelled as good, blocked, in transit, expired, wasted, damaged, manufacturing, and unaccounted for. The SCM Logistics feature is determined on how the in transit stage of stocks functions.

The most striking feature of restaurant chains that is still alien to many is the standardization of the offerings in terms of taste. One of the main characteristics of a successful restaurant chain is that is serves food that tastes the same no matter where the outlet is located. Even though considered to be a given in many cases, it is an extremely difficult goal to achieve.

The Manufacturing feature of SCM has been deliberated by keeping these concerns in mind. The functioning of this feature can be split into two parts:
1.Manufacturing by recipe – single and multi-level recipe management
2.Manufacturing by process – single and multi-process management

The SCM software calculates the actual yield. It looks not only after production mapping, but also after scheduled production planning. SCM takes care of the biggest secret for restaurant chains – the recipe. By not disclosing the ingredients and their proportions, it ensures keeping the recipe intact.

The Manufacturing process as defined by the FSI accounts for default production estimate and actual production done through this software. The SCM software has renovated the functioning of restaurant chains today. With cut-throat competition prevalent in the hospitality industry, such tech savvy software are the need of the hour.

It is essential to keep a track of your business at all points of time, even when away. Let travel not be a reason for you to receive delayed reports of how well your restaurant fared on that particular day.

The SCM Notifications App Feature is miraculous for those who wish to keep a tab on the functioning of their restaurant chain in their absence. Providing users with a Bird’s Eye view of their business i.e. Central Kitchen, Warehouse, and Store on the go, this feature has redefined reporting. By providing accurate, minute-by-minute account of sales and inventory in the form of a notification, the SCM Notifications App Feature serves to take hoteliering to another level.

In addition to this, it is also possible for you to determine the time at which you would like to receive these updates in the form of notifications on your phone. Exception reporting, i.e. SMS notifications about change in recipes, change in processes, contract prices fixed with suppliers, etc. is also possible through this feature.

SCM thus lets you be just as involved in your business virtually as you would be in person, on-the-fly, only with its Notifications App Feature.

The starting point of running any restaurant chain is to ensure that the provision of basic necessities required by every outlet is hassle free. Procurement, the process of acquisition of goods from an external source, is one of the most crucial concerns of hoteliers owning multiple outlets.

The Procurement feature of SCM software takes sole responsibility for this. Every franchise sends across its requirements depending on the demand via a mobile application. The SCM software then examines the Job Card or the total manufacturing order. The next step is to create Delivery Challans and print them immediately for shipping purposes. It also bifurcates the order placed by the outlet in terms of the ingredients. All of this in two minutes at the maximum!

Apart from this, SCM also creates purchase orders and fair receipts through uploading and/or downloading Excel sheets. Thus at a larger level, the Procurement feature of the SCM software lets it consolidate purchases of every franchise to generate a Job Sheet for the next day of business.

Digitizing this process has revolutionized the backend activities of restaurant chains as they prevent leakage, theft, miscommunication and other such mishaps which hinder the overall functioning of the parent restaurant.

Installing a technologically sophisticated software at your disposal to simplify the everyday happenings of your restaurant chain is of no use unless it comes in handy to the user. The easier the user interface, the quicker he/she will adapt to its functions.

This is exactly what we, at Torqus, aimed for while designing the SCM software. The ease with which users can operate this management interface is one of our strongest unique selling propositions. With absolutely no training required, it is possible to completely understand the functioning of this software whilst increasing cost effectiveness and efficiency.

In addition to this, the SCM software can be operated by using a mouse, on touch, and/or keyboard. It thus gives you the liberty to choose the hardware that best suits your needs whilst smoothly making transitions between devices. Not to mention, the visuals are appealing and easy to follow.

Our UI and UX design ensures that the user intuitively and easily reaches the goal on interacting with the software. We give utmost importance to user feedback and prioritize refinement of the interface in accordance with the same.

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