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  • Point Of Sale
  • Software that takes comprehensive care of all the functionalities of a restaurant outlet, ranging from steward management to dynamic menu.
  • Head Office
  • Most impeccable tool to accumulate customer date, manage and track delivery, do aggressive SMS marketing, as well as man-oeuvre data from a single access point.
  • Supply Chain Management
  • This software enable you to strategically co-ordinate all your business function, ranking from procurement and manufacture to sale estimation and invoices.
  • Call Center Integration
  • Centralize solution for your outlet to handle
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  • Online Order Site & App
  • Connect your online website to our POS
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  • Universal Notifications
  • Miraculous for those who wish to be updated
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  • Loyalty Apps & Programs
  • Loyalty program integration and apps
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Restaurant Management System Dashboard
Restaurant Management System

             There must have been several times when you must have questioned your techniques at managing your restaurant. What’s the best way to manage the inventory, how to efficiently manage kitchen orders, how to boost sales at the restaurant, how to retain customer profiling and so on. But the single-most solution to all these questions is the use of Restaurant Management System.

Pune based Torqus systems aims at revolutionizing the restaurant business by providing you with our all-inclusive restaurant management software system with hassle free solutions that maximize your business at minimum cost. Our restaurant software runs on the latest technology with intrinsic features that manages all your front end activities, providing you the best care in terms of management, cost-effectiveness, security control, real-time support, technical backing, affordable pricing benefits, on-demand add-ons and comprehensive reporting are only a few to mention.

             Installing our restaurant management system helps to reduce your workload by half in real-time. The restaurant management software comes with a host of features that will sweep you off your feet (well not literally). Right from inventory management to point of sale security, our restaurant management system also assists you with employee management, security control, credit & debit card processing, statistics & reporting.

              This restaurant software shares the load of your work by streamlining all activities of estimating the monthly budget and costs for the inventory, maintain records of every transaction, processing online food orders, retain customer data with maintaining customer loyalty by floating special offers to say the least. Designed with sophistication and technological brilliance, this software for restaurants is like your full-time virtual assistant that helps you mill through even the toughest challenges you may face in various scenarios.

              The management of a restaurant in itself is more or less a team effort. Your tech savvy staff combined with our automated restaurant software features is one of the best decisions you can make in order to revolutionize your restaurant management. Automating your business activities with our software solutions not only helps you to save time but is also cost effective