How can I sync Cloudbeds with POS?

This article will help you understand how you can integrate Cloudbeds account to your Torqus.

Torqus has two major products SCM (Supply Chain Management)and POS(Point of Sale).

SCM (Supply Chain Management): This helps in managing a restaurant chain/entire network centrally. This enables you to strategically co-ordinate all your business functions ranging from Procurement, manufacturing,  sales estimation and invoices.

POS(Point of Sale): Torqus Restaurant Point of Sale software helps to do restaurant management in simple words. It takes comprehensive care of all the front-end activities related to food ordering, billing, customer management, important account and tax settings, profit and loss sheets, etc for all outlets of a restaurant.

1.To Login to SCM, Go to, following page will load. The user has to use the credentials provided by Torqus Support to Login to SCM.


2. Enter Username:


3. Enter Password

PW4. Click on Login button :

Login5. The following screen appears after logging into SCM with your credentials :

6. Click on the Header(right side) and click on the settings option as shown in right side (highlighted in blue).

7. Click on Access controls option under Control Panel :

8. The following screen will show all your Access controls, here you can select a User Role from the given dropdown  say, you select Admin as shown below :

9. You can check the Couldbeds Information Access control under Settings as shown below and click on Save button given below :


10. This will, therefore, enable the Cloudbeds screen for the given user. To access the page you will have to click on header again and click on Settings  as shown below :

11. Click on Cloudbeds Information under Others tab  as shown below:

12.  This opens the screen as shown in the below screenshot, Here you can select the site from the given drop-down:

Here the site selected is Hotel JIVA Store as shown in the selection below:

13. You can then click on Authenticate with Cloudbeds button as shown highlighted below :

14. This will take you to Cloudbeds Authentication screen which will connect you to Cloudbeds account. You will see the screen as shown in below image. You can enter your Cloudbeds credentials and click on Approve to connect with Cloudbeds or Deny to not allow Cloudbeds connection:

 15. After clicking on Authorize, the connection with Cloudbeds will be established and the success message will appear as shown below:

16. You can log into the Cloudbeds account using the link to create a new Guest reservation. After creating the reservation,  You can see the Reservation under Reservations Tab on the Cloudbeds page :


17. After completing the Reservation. You need to set the Occupied status of the customer to Yes which is highlighted(black colour) in the image below:

18. After clicking on Confirmation dialog box. The customer data will sent out to Torqus POS:

19. This is how the screen will look after selecting Yes:

20. You can login to Torqus POS using your credentials. The  most important features on Torqus POS screen are explained below :

You see various sections on the right. This includes

Dine-in: When the customer wants to Dine-in the restaurant.

Home Delivery: When the customer needs food order to delivered at home.

Take Away: When the customer wants to collect food order from the restaurant.

With Cloudbeds, all our orders will be Dine-in only.

You can select the Dine-in Section from the left side of the screen as shown(here Table 1 is selected for the customer). All the dish categories and dishes can be seen in the Menu below:

21. You can Select the Dishes from the menu as per the customer’s order. Here you can see Barbeque Fish, Chocochip cookies are selected in the order basket as highlighted on the right side of the screen in the black box:


22. You can print KOT (Kitchen order ticket) and Bill using the options on the right side of the screen. To assign the customer (Cloudbeds customer), you need to select the Assign customer option as shown in the black box.

23. You can search the Customer name by entering the letters of the name(case-sensitive), which is shown below. You can then select the Customer name and all the details of the customer will be auto-filled. When you don’t find Customer name in drop-down after entering the letters in the search field. You can click on Refresh button as shown on the screen. This will resync the customer data from Cloudbeds to POS.


24. You can click on Submit and there will be success message that Customer is assigned successfully.

25. You can use the Settle option as highlighted in the black box which can be used for the settlement of restaurant bill.


26. You can see the Settlement options as shown in the image below. We have different settlement modes like Cash, Credit card, Cheque, and Pending (In case the customer wants to pay later). You can use the toggle button to switch on the payment mode and settle the customer bill.

27. Once you select Cash option while making payment and submit the order will be completed successfully. You can click on DONE option mentioned below SETTLE on the right side of POS.

28. After you click on DONE, You will get a dialog box as shown below :

29. After the order is DONE, You can search the customer reservation on Cloudbeds and you will see the restaurant bill details under the Folio tab.

30. This is how the bill details will look on Cloudbeds. This will show the menu ordered by the customer, it’s price, different taxes applied to the bill. The first row indicates Cash mode of Payment for the bill, The rows following show the taxes applied to the bill, the last two rows show the menu ordered by the customer and its price.