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  • We at Torqus
  • We are smitten by advances in technology and our curiosity makes us come up with the most innovative solutions to our clients’ problems. We love our breaks as much as we love our work since we believe in creating a fun and casual work atmosphere.
  • You at Torqus
  • Rightly called one of the most promising start-ups in the FnB industry, we offer to you a level of exposure that will enrich your career development and growth. With experts in their respective departments leading the firm, the amount of knowledge exchange that happens here is extremely stimulating.
  • We are looking for amazing people for the following roles
Support Engineer
BI Engineers
UI/UX Experts
App Developers
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Jobs FAQs
  • What we look for Interns/Freshers
  • Want to know what it’s like to work for an upcoming start-up? Make the most of this summer by learning at Torqus. We are also open to pre-placement offers.
  • What we look for Experienced Candidates
  • Those who have the ability to enrich our functioning with their past experience best define the candidates we are looking for. We are always actively seeking mavericks in Sales, Support, Development and Business Intelligence.
  • Could I get a job at Torqus?
  • If you love software technology and are curious enough to seek the answer to every “Why” and “How”, we’re officially interested
  • What do you look for in a candidate?
  • We look for smartness, leadership skills, experience, and the ability to function productively with crunch deadlines. We also look for typos.
  • What questions will you ask?
  • We’ll ask you questions related to you and your past learnings to gauge how well your existing skills can be useful to us and the knowledge they can bring.
  • Do I need to have work experience in the same industry?
  • If this is your first job in the software and FnB industry, it’s more about potential. We admire new perspectives and are open to incorporating them for the betterment of our offerings. We would love to learn more from your insights if you have experience in this domain.