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  • Mobile Point Of Sale
  • Our Mobile Point of Sale system (mPOS) is a portable Point of Sale software system (POS) which has the ability to be used everywhere. This is an android based software that can be used in your restaurant, food truck, carts and QSRs. Unlike the traditional POS systems, our mPOS system is a portable wireless software that can be integrated with your mobile phone or tablet. It’s easy to use features and customer friendly user interface help in a number of advantages that not only give your restaurant business a sophisticated feel but also helps in drawing quick sales through speedy orders and effective management.

        Flexible, affordable and serviceable are the key functions that aptly describe our mPOS Point of sale software system. It’s very feature of mobile or tablet integration erases your obligation to buy a conventional POS system that is bulky and less flexible. In today’s market, investing in an mPOS is much cheaper than investing in a POS software . Thus instead of spending an extra amount of money over a regular POS software, you could actually invest in our contemporary mPOS software system that will not only help you to save an extra penny but will also provide you with added features.

        Another function of this mPOS is its connectivity to our Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Head Office (HO) software system. With the complex challenges that a restaurant owner faces in his day-to-day business, this feature will open up a network of functions by which you can seamlessly handle your backend activities at par with each other. Our SCM software helps you to systematically align your business functions right from procurement to inventory, manufacturing to sales estimation and invoices. It is an active restaurant management system that helps you to maintain information privacy, maximize customer value by analysis of statistics, keeps you updated with the logistics & inventory requirements at all levels and restaurant chains and helps you achieve competitive advantages through custom reporting and business intelligence reports. The head office assists you to manage your various accounting functions with perfection. It accumulates data that is crucial for customer profiling while running marketing campaigns, manage payrolls for effective communication about attendance, leaves and deductions and analyze performance in terms of income, expenses, purchases and manage taxes.

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