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Restaurant Billing Software

Restaurants come in so many varieties, and each one has its own set of needs. This is why Torqus provides you with a Restaurant billing software system integrated with the latest GST enabled software that conveniently caters to all your restaurant requirements. From home delivery to dine-in management, kitchen display system to petty cash accounting, this GST enabled restaurant billing software is equipped to manage all your day to day complex tasks related to restaurant management.

With the implementation of the new GST policies, this Restaurant billing software is a complete solution for managing your restaurant in a fast and easier way. This Software for Restaurant takes care of your restaurant’s home delivery and take-away network to avoid situations that challenge the free flow of your delivery management. Similarly you can also manage tables and kitchen orders with the help of our software. This system shows you a pictorial representation of the available tables and the number of customers that are present in the restaurant. This helps you to manage your tables during rush hours and prioritize your Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) and Bar Order Tickets (BOT). It monitors the status of the tables and kitchen orders and assists you for Walk-in and Dine-in management functions of your restaurant. By using this restaurant billing software you can also check the availability for reservations and bookings for future dates well in advance.

Being a restaurant owner, one of the important responsibilities of a restaurateur is to focus on the quality of food served. With the help of our GST integrated restaurant management software , you can focus on your passion for catering and leave the business management to this software. You can also focus on ways to expand your business while our software takes care of the various restaurant management functions. This software provides you the flexibility to define your own workflow for order management. From printing sales invoices to maintaining records of each delivery, this billing software for restaurant provides you with all the functions for order management with a user friendly interface to manage your order types in a single view.

Our restaurant billing software is integrated with an efficient Kitchen Display System to improve the turnaround time. This KDS works on a simplified mechanism that works in liaison with your restaurant Point of Sale system (POS). Hence our newly developed GST restaurant billing software is integrated with the POS and the Supply Chain Management (SCM) of our software system. It helps you to receive real time notifications of every order being made in your kitchen and also notifies the food servers when an order is ready to be served, thus improving the turnaround time as food servers can avoid going back and forth to manually track orders. Also with the proposal of the 4-tier tax structure being 5, 12, 18 and 28 percent, our GST integrated POS software helps you with the easy breakdown of your customer’s bill, depending on your restaurant’s tariff and turnover.

In order to grow your business, a restaurant owner needs to understand the requirements of his customers. This GST software comes with its share of smart functions that helps you to gather important customer data that helps you to interact with your customer and develop a professional rapport on a personal level, thus making the customer feel valued by the staff. This software saves data of your restaurant’s loyal customers and provides information about the changing demands of customers and dishes that are popular at your restaurant. With the help of this data, you can plan on customizing your menu, create combo offers for loyal customers and float personalized messages about Happy Hours at your restaurant.

A restaurant owner is the captain and his staff is the crew of the restaurant that plays multiple roles in managing the restaurant. To manage these different roles efficiently, our GST software provides a restaurant owner with the access control to confidential information where the owner can decide whom to give the control of specific sections for restaurant management.

The new GST scheme is soon to be implemented in the near future and in a business that is involved with numbers and statistics, in your absence at your restaurant, you can ask your manager to email weekly reports and monthly analysis of your restaurant business through our GST ready restaurant management software. If that’s not enough then it’ll also provide you with email notifications of the day to day business happening at your restaurant. This restaurant billing software also keeps records of your Accounting requirements like petty cashbook accounting, budgeting, business estimates, outstanding bills to only name a few.