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Restaurant Management App

A restaurant business works on not one but multiple tasks. And not one but all tasks are equally important for its smooth running. So what is it that keeps a restaurant’s engine running efficiently? No doubt it is our newly designed GST enabled Restaurant Management App that will help you manage different functions of your restaurant according to the GST implementations in the future.

Notification Android App (For Directors/Owners) 

It is very important for a restaurant owner to know how well his restaurant is fairing in his absence. Our GST integrated app provides you with instant notifications on the go, whenever you are out on a business trip or unavailable at your restaurant. It is also designed to provide you with business analytics like accounts of sales, critical stocks, inventory and expenses. It gives minute-by-minute notifications of KOTs cancelled, discounts given, VIP footfalls, amount refunded to only name a few. You can choose to receive these notifications through e-mail as well as text messages by syncing your Android phone with the app. In this way you can receive multiple notifications from all your restaurant outlets simultaneously.

KOT Android App (For Captains)

Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) management is one of the most crucial functions of a restaurant as it involves interaction with the customers. However you can turn this challenge into your advantage by making optimum use of our GST ready restaurant management app! With our app, you can get rid of handwritten KOTs and instead have digital record of KOTs that help you to increase the turnaround time with each order. As traditional software involves the captains to go back and forth at the POS system , with our app you get to install the app on any electric device like an Android phone or tablet and directly take and process orders towards the backend of your restaurant.

Customer Connect and Feedback Android App (For Phone Orders)

Another important function of this GST enabled app is Customer Connect and Feedback management. This app assists you for online orders and customer relationship management where you can know your customer (KYC) before answering the call and records customer feedbacks. You can also provide your customer with the total estimate of an order and the time it will take for its delivery. With the help of customer feedbacks you can get important information about where your business is lagging and immediately make decisions to fill up the gaps. This helps to keep you and your staff on toes to keep getting better and better at your restaurant business.

Call Centre App

This app comes with the Restaurant Call Centre software feature to automatically route orders from the call centre to your POS outlet. With the help of this app you can set up your own call centre, hire trained call centre professionals to address your customer’s queries, complaints, feedback and ensure a competent telephonic presence to maintain a cordial reputation with your customers. This feature also helps to centralize the process of online ordering and you receive real time status updates of every order. This helps you to store customer data that caters to customer profiling while floating special offers or discounts to loyal customers via e-mail or text messages and also get to know customer preferences while placing orders.

Thus in the wake of the new GST scheme, our GST ready restaurant management software app will help you to streamline your various business tasks while helping you to focus on expanding your business. As Torqus believes in providing its customers with a user-friendly and profitable management solution, this new GST integrated app promises to fulfill all your restaurant management requirements for the present and future restaurant management functions.