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  • Supply Chain Management
  • software that enable you to strategically co-ordinate all your business functions, ranging from procurement and manufacturing to sale estimation and invoices.

Making a restaurant chain run is an extremely challenging task. The numbers of processes involved are probably unimaginable by a lay person. Some common yet grave problem face by restaurateurs that often require in-depth analysis to be solved are volatile customer demand and increasing complexity of supply networks. What if there was a tool that managed the backend activities of your restaurants chain while all you had to do was click?

Restaurant Supply chain Management can be defined as an active management system which lets your innovate strategies to maximize customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. It is software that lets you manage your entire network in real-time. It also lets you manage your operations at a single/multiple central kitchen level, warehouse, or store.

The SCM software for Restaurant helps you leverage dynamic information and analysis, making possible meeting with heightened expectations for responsiveness, and facilitate cohesion across all the department and companies. It is not only responsible for logistics of the entire process, but also keeps a tab on wastage and the yield of products.

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Supply chain management Inventory & Logistics feature

One of the most common challenges of managing the supply chain for restaurant franchises is that of having an extensive inventory. Keeping a tab manually on the current status of every single component part of the inventory is erroneous and next to impossible.

The Supply Chain Management Software for Restaurant Inventory and Logistics Feature cleverly organises all your inventory data and provides details of stored goods, various forms of wastage, as well as floating inventory. This SCM feature also gives you pointers on how your inventory should be optimised, thus simplifying the process for your convenience.

Another advantage of this feature is reporting of exceptions. It enables you to get an idea of the quantity of goods yet to be received from a particular vendor, internal or external. Such reports can be generated for all the goods procured at outlet and/or vendor levels. In addition to this, the SCM Inventory feature also makes it possible to check stocks at multiple levels - region, city, area, specific outlet. This can be done by various ways, i.e. stock closing and stock take (daily, monthly and/or weekly).

In order to understand the SCM Logistics feature, the various stages of stock need to be distinguished from one another. They can be labelled as good, blocked, in transit, expired, wasted, damaged, manufacturing, and unaccounted for. The SCM Logistics feature is determined on how the in transit stage of stocks functions.

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